D4 for Video?

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lancespring wrote:

Actually, the BBC made an announcement that the D800 and D4 both failed their test:


The BBC head of technology noted regarding the D4:

"even though the sensor has 16.8 million photo-sites, it achieves only about 1,355×764, only a little better than 1,280×720"

That is pretty disappointing for a camera that costs $500 more than a Canon C100 Professional Cinema camcorder that has professional manual video controls and features like XLR audio inputs, Zebras, focus Peaking, built-in ND filters, and magnify focus during both standby and recording.


The article you cite does not include any BBC announcement. However it does indicate that the D4 footage was more acceptable to the BBC than the D800. Per the article, the BBC's test of the D800 concluded that "This camera cannot be recommended for serious programme-making.".

If you go to the primary source, it's clear that the BBC favored the D4 over the D800. Here are the tests:



There's no doubt the the C100 is a much better video camera than the D4.  But it's also clear that the D4 is a much much better stills camera!

Back to the topic of this thread.... The OP already has a D4. The question he asked is whether the D4 video is worth trying. Having had personal experience with the D4 video, I am recommending that he try it out in his intended application. It takes a small amount of his time to run the experiment. If he is shooting indoors in low light, he may be pleasantly surprised by the D4 video, as I was.

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