To D800e users...moire etc...

Started Jun 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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SushiEater wrote:

I have seen moire (finally) in one picture where I would not expect it.

I posted this picture to make a joke and found a moire under close inspection.

But after living with D800e I don't think benefits outweigh the cost.

If I could get D800 for $2800 as many paid for it I would buy D800. I don't think D800e worth $500 premium.

The only reason I got D800e in the first place is because I got it in one week after announcement while everybody were scrambling for D800 and waiting many months.

There is the odd bit of moire on distant architecture cityscapes occasionally, but had yet to cause a problem, and that lovely fast aperture sharpness is really something. Where I am, price difference was equivalent to only 200USD, I'd pay that happily for a sharper lens, and I'm delighted I paid it for the camera.

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