Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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And with that, we're done.

sybersitizen wrote:

realgeek wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

realgeek wrote:

EVERYONE agrees you should get as much right in camera as possible.

No, everyone doesn't.

I quote BertIverson from page one of this thread: 'I shoot exclusively RAW but not because of noise or IQ superiority... I just got tired of chimping, DRO, HDR, exposure bracketing, spot, center, matrix metering, white balance etc. These can all be accomplished during PP when "time is NOT of the essence". All that is left, at shooting time, are compose and focus.'

I assure you he's not the only one out there who feels that way... and he probably wouldn't work in that manner if he shot JPGs.

Okay! Perhaps I should have said "almost everybody" or "anybody who is being honest ..."

So you're saying that BertIverson is being dishonest? I think, frankly, you're being dishonest. Your goal at this point seems to be to win an argument rather than present full factual and balanced information.

No, I'm not saying BertIverson is being dishonest -- and I tried to make this clear later in my post. I think he's being quoted out-of-context. He was making a simple statement about the benefits of RAW -- including that, when time is a factor, RAW gives you more flexibility not to worry about being perfect in camera. I do not think he was testifying on the issue of whether, all things being equal, getting things right in camera is a good idea.

So, if we're going to get into calling names, I guess you could say that I was suggesting that YOU were being dishonest -- for suggesting that he's saying more than he is.

And, while we're at it, for suggesting that I was saying more than I did. What I said was "as much right in camera as possible" -- not "everything right in camera".

There are plenty of problems that you CANNOT fix later; focus is a perfect example. No one should suggest that you need not worry about focus while shooting.

No one did. So why mention that except as a diversionary tactic?

I thought it might be useful for me to point out quite a few things that you glossed over in your original dismissal of JPG shooting as nothing but a convenience feature. But your reluctance to accept that and instead gainsay the points I make is, shall we say, disappointing. I'm not going to debate with you further, so in that sense I allow you to 'win' by default.

It's not a diversionary tactic. Let me explain it to you -- try not to get lost!

I was pointing out that, at the extremes, there would be no difference of opinion on whether something needs to be done right in camera (when shooting RAW). Focus, yes; white balance, no. But there are some gray issues, like exposure, where there may be differences of opinion on how much perfection is necessary. Two illustrations regarding exposure were given: I took BertIverson to be saying that you can be a bit off in exposure when you need to because you can fix it later. I suggested that you might want to overexpose in camera and process the exposure downward to get a better image. But I think BertIverson -- and most others -- would agree with me that, all other things being equal, it's still good to get as close as possible to perfection (whatever that means) in camera. But, in the real world, all other things are not always equal. Given real-world constraints, RAW becomes superior to JPEG because it gives you a bigger cushion.

Oh, and I did acknowledge your additional points of file size (and faster access).  I just thought you were making a bit too much of them.

If I'm sounding a bit snarky, it's because I don't like being accused of being dishonest and deceitful. Go figure! Until this post, I thought we were having a reasonable conversation. But this conversation is over as far as I am concerned. And, apparently, as far as you are concerned as well.  Good!

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