Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: I like your raw examples much better

Mel Snyder wrote:

By putting fine cameras into the hands of the masses, the manufacturers slyly made it possible for those masses to operate their machines with the least amount of effort - before or after the shot. Because those masses didn't have high expectations, they were never disappointed with whatever they got.

I never cease to be amazed as I travel the world and see the great gear being handled by people with expectations little higher than their iPhone. I discovered that many great scenes I'd observed shot by others didn't look at all in real life like what 99% of people capture without knowing how to set their white balance - or how to balance their exposure for a RAW shot so Lightroom magic could retrieve shadow and highlight detail as the eye saw the scene.

Sorry that you have to even view the efforts of those of us in the unwashed masses. We're only taking pictures and grabbing memories, for heavens sake. If you want to recreate the Mona Lisa, have at it. Me? I'll have fun, take lots of pictures, and spend little or no time hunched over a computer post processing. Photography is a hobby for most of us, not some sort of holy crusade.


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