Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

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Re: Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

MoreorLess wrote:

Its an often asked question I know but I'd welcome any advice here, i'm looking for a mid range zoom for mostly landscape use on my D800. The main considerations would be price, size and performance stopped down to F/8 or more, I'v not really got a definite budget or size in mind but the Nikon 24-70mm is likely beyond both, the Tamron 24-70mm and Nikon 24-120mm f/4 might just be in it but again that might be pushing it a little since its more of a "holiday lens".

That really leaves be looking at the three Nikon 24-85mm's but looking at reviews I'v having some doubts about performance, the latest VR version seemed the most obvious choice but most reviews seem to point towards weaker boarders at the wide end. The older f/2.8-4 actually shows better performance stopped down according to DxO but generally its rep doesn't seem to be too great.

I have the latest 24-85 and for me, its rather disappointing. The center sharpness never reaches that of a prime at any focal length ore f stop and corner sharpness, even stopped down, is never very good at either end. The VR is quite amazing though and you can achieve decent sharpness at very slow shutter speeds.

Just my two cents, but it's hard to afford the Nikons that are worth owning. The older one - 28-70 2.8 - is a stellar lens that can be had in excellent shape for $800 or so. That would be my personal choice at the moment.

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