Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

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Re: Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

aleksanderpolo wrote:

Um, the GR is thinner than the grip of 5N. The M adapter + pancake seems to stick out quite a bit?

Sorry for this "Sony-talk" but I have my eyes on the new GR. By the way, the NEX5N with pancake (Perar 35/3,5) have the "same" dimensions as the GR but 40 grams more weight


I have the NEX6.  Sits taller, about the same width.  About the same depth except of course for the decent sized handgrip and the evf and evf hood out the back.  No way the NEX6 is going into a jeans pocket with any lens on board.  But fit a tube and hood to the GR and we are into similar if not the same territory.

It is a lot on how you see the cameras.  I seem them as for different essential purposes.

The GR is on the easy-carry side, always there, you sacrifice some versatility to save those essential millimetres.  The NEX6 is still a small but regular camera to pack but comes with more hardware support.

They both take very good images.  However the NEX is more geared to easy-use with few firmware configurations to play with - use it right out of the box (forever).  At the wire the more involved user with experience might squeeze more performance from the GR.  Certainly the NEX is stodgy to tune and the GR is elegance personified.

However the NEX is more hardware versatile, has an evf, a tllt lcd, replaceable lens capable.  For me the NEX is a compact replacement for a dslr because it will both mount and communicate with my Canon EF lenses.  By the time the NEX6 has any Canon EF lens on board there is no use-comparison to the GR whatsoever.

These are both great cameras with completely different personalities.

Now the NEX is almost as packable as the GXR - but that is another story.

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