Is my Canon 7D faulty?

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Re: Is my Canon 7D faulty?

Arizona13 wrote:

I just added a similar post above (before reading down now and seeing yours) about my upgrade to to the 7D from T1i earlier this year. I'm noticing issues too- when taking the same pic using both cameras one after another- 7D Im having issues, T1i turns out good. Its confusing. I was pretty sure it was just user error but had it checked to be sure, and the techs concluded the camera is perfect. They said it could be the lens I'm using and wished I brought that in to be checked for free too. But I was exchanging the same lenses back and forth and no issues with T1i.

My opinion, the 7D is a bigger step into the "professional grade" cameras. So it takes time to adjust and learn as we go. I too shoot in AV, as you and others mentioned here when I use manual mode. The past few days I have been doing a lot more RAW shooting and playing around with it and finding it does make the difference and the editing is very easy- not time consuming like Jpeg that I just don't have the time to edit with every thing going on here. It was scary making the change but a good one. Jpeg is something that all us photographers started with- and its all we have know till making the big jump. But a good one. Im shooting in both jpeg/RAW now till I totally switch over (bc my current program only lets u see previews in jpeg till clicking on RAW pic and opening. Annoying.

Another thing I have found is not to waste time reviewing or paying any attention to pics in view finder- other to see if I got my shot I was intending.... as when downloaded, they don't correlate to pics seen on view finder..... (perfect on view finder but out of focus when downloaded) So I just turned viewfinder off all together and take a few extra pics with 7D when out playing with it. Oh, and back focusing- this has made a BIG difference in focusing issues. Since I set it up to this, I have never had another focus issue again. In fact, it has greatly improved my 7d pics. But don't get me wrong- like the few shots of yours...when I can get things to work in my favor, the pics are AMAZING. Of the 35 photo shoot pics I took of my sweet 2 yr old creekside in her fancy dress- about 5 turned out to be keepers. BUT those 5 are totally amazing.

Do you have your 40D still for back up (hoping I got it right). I'd say bring it along, like I do my T1i when I am shooting something important, but want to be practicing my 7D skills. For quick, spur of moment shots (like my quick 2 yr old) I grab my T1i set to auto. As I've found- 7D should NOT even have a auto. They turn out horrible every time. Which makes sense- its a professional camera I use it more for my landscape/ portrait plus background photography.

Hope my post helps you out. We are both learning as we go.

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