Nikon vs Canon; a few question

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Re: Nikon vs Canon; a few question

I have no opinion on your items 1-7, but as for item 8, I switched from Canon to Nikon in the late 1970's (Canon FTb w/50 1.8). Since I didn't have a big investment in Canon gear at the time it was relatively painless. I've been using Nikon since. A very close friend who is my age stayed with Canon. I think that when Canon started using Andre Agassi to push the EOS Rebels (with the new lens mount) lots of young people started using Canon's. I don't recall a big advertising campaign from Nikon at that time.

Since I had no auto focusing lenses when I went to digital SLR's I could have gone either way, but the biggest thing for me was to be able to shoot like I did with my old SLR's, and Nikon ergo's fit that better than Canon, for me. Command dials that I don't have to reach for.

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