How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Re: Beautiful work Jean-Pierre - proves the point!

erichK wrote:

Marvelous slide shows, both.


A tasteful combination of slightly aggressive but always dignified shooting that neither victimizes the subject nor produces stilted, posed portraits and also processes images to the degree that works best for each particular image.

Very good analysis. That's exactly the case.

That said, it also show the huge advantages of such a discrete, yet immensely capable photographic machine. You obviously shot many of your images with the camera at waist level, looking - probably sometimes quickly - at the tilted-up LCD. Only a camera as small and discrete - and quiet - as the OM-D allows this to work so well.

For street photography, my technique is very simple. You're right: the camera was at waist level. The lens used was the M.Zuiko 12mm, in manual mode. In advance, the distance scale was set at 6 feet (2 meters) which is not exactly at hyperfocal but very close to it. The camera was held with my right hand (so it didn't bounce on my stomach while I was walking), and my right thumb was on the trigger button, ready to take a shot.

In the distance, I would spot someone that I would like to take a shot at. Once that decision is taken, I don't look at that person anymore and I don't look at the camera. However, even if I look elsewhere, I'm constantly evaluating the distance between the subject and me. When the latter is about 6 feet from the camera, I push the trigger button.

Some of these photos are cropped but none are rotated, in order to maintain the sharpness of the image. So all photos taken with that technique are tilted in my slideshows.

There is no way of capturing such powerful candid and semi-candid shots with a DSLR, however small. I've tried many times. The small size of the OM-D and its "cute little camera" appearance tends to disarm people and make them smile, even when they suddenly notice you are taking their picture. With a DSLR - especially one the size of the E-5 or the D-600, they act more like they'd suddenly discovered you aiming a howitzer at them.

Absolutely. With a 12mm on (or a 17mm), the OM-D looks like a charming toy camera.

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