One thing I miss about my DSLR

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Re: One thing I miss about my DSLR

rogatsby wrote:

Overall, I have been very pleased with my Nex-5N, and I am really glad I switched from my big, heavy Canon DSLR.

As many have pointed out, however, the Nex cameras have slow autofocus when it comes to moving subjects, and I am having a lot of trouble getting usable actions shots. Undoubtedly, part of my problem is probably lack of skill in getting the Nex to get nice focus of moving subjects, but it was pretty easy for me with my DSLR.

Of course, I have seen some very nice shots posted by other members, and I know many of you will be able to show terrific action shots taken with your Nex cameras. But I think it's pretty clear that it is more difficult with the Nex's limitations in autofocus speed.

Here is a shot that I just took today. I got the composition and angle I wanted, but I just couldn't nail the focus, and I eventually gave up. Guess I need to keep practicing.

The NEX-6 takes care of the slow autofocus problem, which is why I'm upgrading to one from my 5N.

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