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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

hi David:  I am like you, having a D300 and loving my LX3 (now up to the LX7) .. I went to mFT first with the GF1 then G1 then G2 ... When Nikon launched the System 1, I was skeptical but bought the V1 with the kit lenses (10-30 + 30-110).  Now, I just love the V1, having added the 18.5/ 1.8 and the extremely spectacular 6.7-13mm ... Having Nikon lenses, I also added the FT-1 and the most used F mount lenses I have been using with the V1+FT1 are the 35/1.8 DX and the 60/2.8 Micro.

I still have the mFT system but have not used it as much.  If I need speed and performance, I have the Nikon's for something smaller, I just rely on the V1, especially with the 18.5mm and the 6.7-13mm.  For low light and some reach, there is the 35DX.

Comparing these systems (mFT vs System 1), for me the speed of the V1 is hard to describe until one uses it.  IQ wise, I dont see much difference between these (though I know my mFT cameras are of the older generation 12Mp and not the latest 16Mp).

Anyway, this is just my view ... yours may be different re. how you would pick mFT vs System 1.

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