Are mirrorless cameras are really toy cameras?

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marike6 wrote:

Midwest wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

The E-M5 is currently the most complete expression of mirrorless advantages:

  • small, light, rugged weathersealed alloy body

I don't want a camera with a smaller body. That is not an advantage for me.

Totally agree, and this is a key point in this whole mirrorless vs DSLR discussion. For serious photography and from an ergonomic perspective, smaller is not an advantage, but in most cases can be a major disadvantage.

Serious photographers and photographers do not weigh in on gear by the pound or by cc. They weigh in by capabilities and putting any gear to optimal use. It is their intended "audience" that seems more enthused by the idea of "bigger has to be better".

Besides, you wouldn't happen to know any advantages of going mirror-less, would you? I'm expecting a no from you.

For an adult, particularly male, with average sized hands most mirrorless cameras are simply too small, with teeny-tiny buttons that are difficult to operate and tiring to shoot with for any extended length of time. Touch LCD, tiny focus-by-wire lenses, EVFs, are all detract from usability.

And until the 2000s, people were finding it difficult to move into teeny-tiny "cross overs". They needed Expeditions and Excursions for that.

For a landscape or sports photography where you'll be using a tripod (or monopod) 99% of the time, there is simply no reason to prefer a small mirrorless camera, since the tripod will be doing most of the work of supporting the camera for you.

So carry the biggest and heaviest gear around?

A DSLR with an OVF and many more choices of UWA and telephoto lenses will be an obvious choice for these types of photography. Better IQ, VF, oversized buttons that can be operated with gloves on make a prosumer APS-C or FF DSLR by far the best choice for this type of photography...

Do DSLRs capture images with mirror in place for better IQ?

And these kinds of cameras are more popular than ever, and are still outselling mirrorless in many cases by 3 to 1. So any discussion of the death of the DSLR is pure fantasy.

Clearly, people flocking to DSLRs are all very capable photographers whereas people who are enjoying their mirror-less, despite their current limitations, are clueless?

But the mirrorless vs DSLR debate is almost impossible to have because there are so many different types of photography, and everybody has different priorities. Many amateurs today, who simply want family or vacations photos, seem to value convenience over IQ and ergonomics. Which is why you get so many talking about how "mirrorless is the future". The problem is for pros and serious amateurs, convenience and miniature, lightweight gear is not the priority, but IQ and ergonomics are. These photography have a totally different take on mirrorless vs DSLR debate.

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