New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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Re: New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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It is quoted that Canon 70D will have:

  • 20.2mp CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 5+

I understand it will be brand new sensor and reasonable 20.2 MP make me hope that it will be very good low light shooter. At least, I want to believe that it will be on the par with Nikon's 24 MP sensor.

Brand new sensor? isn't it the same sensor that is in my 5D III except that it will be a crop? could be a good back up to my 5D III btw...

How could it be the same sensor "except that it will be a crop"? What does that even mean? It won't be a crop from the 5D3 sensor. That is, it won't have the same pixel density. It will be much higher. 20.2MP on an APS-C sensor is more than twice the density of 22.3MP on a FF sensor. And it won't have the same number of pixels. Of course it's a brand new sensor.

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I think we need an engineer who understands sensors to explain what Canon has done. Is this really a new sensor or did Canon make just enough tweaks in the 18 mp to claim improved resolution? I think Canon did some tweaking mainly for marketing purposes and Canon is using the same manufacturing process. Apparently they need to make a major revision in order to move to 24 mp and beyond. That may also be true for making improvements in DR and noise reduction.

Are there any engineers out there who understand and can explain sensor technology?

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Well first, the "tweaks" you'd have to make to an 18MP sensor to "claim" improved resolution to 20.2MP would have to involve adding 2.2 megapixels, assuming that Canon's "claim" isn't actually a lie (I presume you're not accusing Canon of lying). That, all by itself, requires a new sensor.

Is Canon using the "same manufacturing process"? What, exactly, do you mean by "same manufacturing process"? They are obviously making a sensor, so it's the same process in that respect, the process of making a sensor. Given that it's a different pixel density, it's clearly a different manufacturing process in that respect, the process of making a sensor with a certain pixel density. Other than that, anything would be just a wild guess. Of course, that doesn't seem to stop you from thinking that all we have is "some tweaking for marketing purposes". You seem to have an amazing ability to discern a lot about the quality of the sensor merely from its MP count.

I think I'll wait to see just how the sensor performs at capturing images. But you go right ahead and jump to all sorts of conclusions based on the bare minimum of information about the sensor. I'm sure it's a lot more fun to think the worst of Canon than it is to wait for actual relevant information.

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