Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

Started Jun 18, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Overly critical

CraigBennett wrote:

++1 Man, there are way too many voices of reason lately!

There are medicines for that

Nikon needs to stop providing all these extra AF points and features (IMHO) Provides too many opportunities for folks to pick it apart, when in reality, these features have limitations....they are not perfect under all circumstances.

If a manufacturer is able to create proper functioning central focus and righ-point focus, what exactly is missing to obtain correctly functioning left focus points?

Fabrication tolerances can indeed be expected when you create optical, mechanical and measurement & control equipment at the boundaries of technology (at a certain price point), but when spending thousands of euros to bodies and lenses, people expect better results than a camera of a few hundred euros.

Innovation keeps on creating new options in almost all technologies, it's called progress. That's why cars are safer and more silent now, you have a whole computer in your phone that is battery powered for days, and why an "idiot" can make sharp pictures with an SLR in pretty complex situations by just pressing a button, and why we can make a photo visible to the whole world in seconds without a complex chemical process required in advance. I prefer camera manufacturers to continue innovating their stuff, and to keep their quality control at a respectable level.

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