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The additional bits of color information are only retained for as long as you work in a 16-bit enviroment; if a single step in your workflow involves "saving the image as a JPEG before opening it in another program" (*), or it uses The GIMP, Photoshop Elements or any other 8-bit editor, you automatically lose it from that point on.

And, people's experiences will vary of course, but in mine I've only noticed a significant difference when making B&W photos, particularly with large contrast adjustments, where changes in tonalities are more subtle and gentle than with 8-bit JPEGs. For color images, however, I haven't seen a thing.

(*) For avoiding this, in case you need to work with two separate programs on the same image, it's recommended you save it as a 16-bit TIFF as to preserve all the color information. Huge files, though, so remember to delete them after you're done.

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