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Re: Nikon vs Canon; a few question

ZedEm wrote:

This isn't quite another "Which one is better?" thread but more of a question period where I ask questions and where others answer based on their expertise and experience.

I am not a troll nor do I actually believe there is a difference between either that can make or break a photographer but I am intrigued as to why some people find differences between products that without creative input from a human being do nothing more than act as heavy and expensive paperweights.

I have been a Canon user since day one and in talking to people and reading forums, I have come across certain assertions others make about each brand. I am often left wondering how much truth there is to each statement so I am going to write down statements I have encountered in the last few years and I hope others can chime in to where such "facts" originated from and if there is any truth to them. Here it goes and don't ask me to source where I've heard or read each statement but I assure you, they are out there.

1) "Canon professional lenses are better"

Each has some really good high-end lenses.

2 "Nikon consumer lenses are better"

I am not sure about this, as I have mostly paid attention to the higher-end lenses, but this assertion is news to me.

3) "Nikons are more often employed in the studio setting due to superior flash systems"

I have not heard this before, regarding studios, and as other members have already indicated, studio strobes are the norm in studios. I do believe that Canon's first really good pro-level flash was the 580EX II, and before it arrived, Nikon flashguns were, indeed, clearly better. One the other hand, the Canon ST-E2 provides very useful AF assistance, unlike the SU-800, but then the new Canon ST-E3-RT does not help AF,  a major blunder, in my opinion, that makes the ST-E3-RT a poor buy, in my opinion, as it is so expensive, relative to a 600EX-RT.

4) "Most sport/wildlife photographers use Canons becuase XYZ"

Canon did take much of this market from Nikon, but the 1D Mark III camera's early AF problems prompted many to switch back to Nikon. Regarding the apparent proliferation of white lenses at sporting events, Nikon did make some number of very light grey lenses, and Minolta telephoto lenses were white, too. At today's sporting events, not all long lenses are white.

Personally, I have only one long white lens, for now. I am planning to do much bird and wildlife photography when I retire, and am waiting until I am sure whether my future top-tier DSLR purchase will be Canon or Nikon. At present, the D4 feels notably better in my hands than the 1D X, and sells for significantly smaller sum of USD.

Of the two local wildlife photographers I consider my mentors/advisors, one uses Canon, the other Nikon.

5 "Most landscape photographers use Nikons"

I am unaware of any properly-done polls to support this.

6) "Canons create 'disney' colors when shooting JPEG"

I think this may be due to one blogger's comments regarding the way Canon cameras apply noise reduction.

7) "Nikon JPEGs have a green tint to them"

I know one blogger says this quite loudly, but others disagree with him. It is not difficult to adjust this, anyway. My Nikon A does not have a green tint in its JPEGs, nor does my wife's D7000. (Well, she claimed my A, so I reckon both are hers.)

8) "The older you are, the more likley it is you shoot with a Nikon"

This may well be true. I am unaware of any properly-done surveys or polls to suppport this, but among photographers who developed their brand loyalties before the EOS system was introduced in 1987 or so, Nikon may indeed be the more-preferred brand, by some margin. I seem to see some level of Nikon bias among older shooters, but the difference, if it actually exists, is slight.

For what is is worth, I shoot with both brands, though my Nikon SLRs are not digital. There is a D70s that is shared by the household, acquired pre-owned, that has never been one of my primary cameras. My earliest SLR experience was with my wife's agency-issued D300s, which was the same camera that converted her from being a long-time Olympus fan.

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