Former D300 user, where to go now?

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Re: Greatly depends on your subjects, lighting, etc.

KyrreTamber wrote:

dwa1 wrote:

Welcome "back".

You would get much more targeted, focused feedback if you tell us about your subjects, lighting and budget.



I mostly shoot (in volume) pictures of my kids and family on our trips around the world, but when it is not documenting them that is the goal I shoot some macro, some architecture and landskape. I do not shoot organized portraits, only pictures "in action". I like using natural lights as much as possible.

Since we are going to Florida (I live in Norway by the way) in a couple of weeks my first plan was to buy the D7100 with the 18-200 or 18-300 to have a able and willing setup to document this trip with disney parks and everything. But then I started looking around and started doubting.

With Norwegian high prices my budget would be in the area of the D7100 plus 18-300 and a GP-1a with a couple of memory cards and a spare battery. For the same price I would get a D600 with a simpler optic or maybe an used D700 or D3 of some kind I would guess. I could buy the camera in Florida as well, but then I would loose the Norwegian warranty (3-5 years included). Buying a D600 would probably be cheaper in the US, but actually for the D7100 there are only like $100 to save and loose the warranty.

In addition to what Simon G. stated, you may want to consider a used D300 (perhaps you still have some media cards) - then put the money in glass (since glass is still "king"). A used D700 will give you excellent low light (indoor family shots) - but they are still a little pricey. A used D300s may also be a good option too as you would get CF and SD card slots so you can utilize any existing media cards.

For the big round viewfinders... D700 and above (not D600 or any DX). Whatever body you decide on I would highly recommend that it has the AF Fine Tune feature.

Hope this helps,


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