Best IQ in 2013

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Re: Best IQ in 2013

fft81 wrote:

I am posting this in Nikon FX only because d800 is the current king of the hill and i did not see medium format forum.

My question is simple: what camera system (sensor/film + body+lenses) in existence today offers best IQ at its most optimal settings in 1 shot?

Let's ignore ease of shooting, convenience of digital, speed of auto focus and other camera body "useful" functions. This means that 16x20 film cameras loaded with specific film you like are a fair comparison to point and shoot.

Lets also refrain from comments like "best camera is the one you have with you" or "any camera can be great in the hands of a good photographer".

This question is about IQ and nothing else.

To put all cameras on equal footing lets assume that the shots are being taken in abundance of light, so either with flash or sunny day outside... Whatever may be optimal for a given camera.

Basically i want to compare best IQ that each camera can produce at most optimal settings for that camera.

1 what is the point of the above?

2 there is no such thing as best IQ there are many different aspects to this.

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