Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Said slightly differently ...

realgeek wrote:

Fifth, JPEG isn't that much more convenient than RAW, unless you use images OOC. Once you start doing minor post-processing, you're at the point where you might as well use RAW. Programs like Lightroom make processing a RAW as simple as processing a JPEG. All you need to do is create a preset that does some basic automated processing (like what your camera would do) and you're at the same starting point!

Late to this topic, but (apart from agreeing with everything realgeek wrote) this comment in particular is spot-on. Since moving to LR4 for all my organising, optimising and publishing, the amount of work in processing RAW files is no more than JPGs. In fact as I sometimes have a mix in my downloads, I often don't even notice whether I'm working with RAW or JPG until I look. The workflow is identical in most cases. I was mostly a JPG shooter until becoming an LR4 convert. Now it's mostly RAW. I believe it gives me more options with no downside except file size (which these days is becoming less important). All my selects are then "published" in finished form as JPGs.

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