First portrait share

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Re: First portrait share

Priscilla Messinger wrote:

Don't care for the first one. Too much distracting stuff that is brighter than the subject. If the photo is about the eyes, they should be the brightest thing in the picture.

I do like the second one, but it should be cropped much tighter. Everything to the left is distracting, all the more because it is out of focus.


I can see what you're saying about the first photo, but I only saw it after having read what you wrote. Those details don't matter to me.  The subject's expression is so confident and engaging that the image is very strong in my opinion.  To be clear, when I say the details don't matter to me, I'm not saying that you shouldn't discuss them.  This is a photography forum and those comments are certainly helpful.  I'm just saying that for me, the personality that was captured in this photo trumps any technical details.  She is ready to rule the world.

I don't like the second one as much.  The main issue I have is that there's not enough smoke to be visually interesting, but it's prominent enough to distract from the eyes and kill some of the intensity.  I also agree that the stuff on the left is distracting, particularly in the lower half.  The natural light is really good though.

Hopefully more people will comment.  I'm interested to hear other opinions on these.


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