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bobgeorge wrote:

Hello all,

A colleague of mine got married yesterday & I attended. I noticed the photography was shooting with what looked like a Nikon D3200 or D5200. n addition she had a flash light on her camera.

I talked to her for a minute and she said lens was a Nikkor 18-200 F3.5-5.6G ED VRII & she told me she had done over 200 weddings & normally averages 2 per month.

The wedding was in a Catholic church & the reception was outside under a tent. I don't know what she charged, but it that typical gear for a wedding photographer?


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Perhaps for a third backup camera, otherwise no. With that said though, when I shot with DX cameras, I have used the Fuji S2Pro, D1x, D2x and D90. But hey, the Nikon 5200 might be a better camera than the D90?

I had a guy walk around snapping all my shots back at a March wedding. He had a Nikon 5200, his LCD screen showed it was taking nice photographs, so I would not be overly concerned about it.

As far as the lens, I liked the Nikkor 18-200mm zoom and used it with my D2x's, it is a good all around lens and widely regarded as a good DX zoom lens. With that said, I had an able supply of other good lenses. Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, Sigma 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 DX, and several Tamrons (never liked them).

Hard to say what the norm is, but I would want my wedding photographer to have several FF cameras with several good lenses.

I carry two D800e with different lenses on them through out the day.  As far as flash on camera, I do it all the time, but use flashbenders to do it right. I also have several SB-910s and SB-900s, Einstein E640 monolights, Flashpoint monolights, and PocketWizard radio transceivers for formals, outside portraits, fun shots, and reception.  Lighting is very important.

I love shooting in a tent.  You can get very effective bounce flash off of the tent ceiling.  If needed, one or two remote flashes provide a very nice and even light without killing the ambient.  But it sounds like she did not do this.

If she is using a Nikon 3200 or 5200, she most likely never takes it off the Green Auto mode.  This might be a good thing!  Hopefully she knew how to capture the right moments and posed them well?  Where you there at the formals?  How were the poses?  (I assume no off camera lighting?), how was she during the ceremony, get the shots?  Reception, get everything?

My wife shoots with me at most weddings.  Never bill her out as a second photographer, she just likes coming with me for the pre-ceremony and ceremony.  As hard as I tried for 20 years, she just cannot understand the technical aspects of photography.  She has a great eye though and takes wonderful detail shots.  I keep her camera either on Program mode or A mode set on f/5.6 and auto ISO.   She does understand the importance of picking the AF point and proper composition.  She shoots with the Nikon D90 with the SB-900 (with flash bender...she understands light).

So the real question.....Did the photographer perform well from your observation with the candid shots, ceremony coverage, and posing?


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