Former D300 user, where to go now?

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Re: Greatly depends on your subjects, lighting, etc.

dwa1 wrote:

Welcome "back".

You would get much more targeted, focused feedback if you tell us about your subjects, lighting and budget.



I mostly shoot (in volume) pictures of my kids and family on our trips around the world, but when it is not documenting them that is the goal I shoot some macro, some architecture and landskape. I do not shoot organized portraits, only pictures "in action". I like using natural lights as much as possible.

Since we are going to Florida (I live in Norway by the way) in a couple of weeks my first plan was to buy the D7100 with the 18-200 or 18-300 to have a able and willing setup to document this trip with disney parks and everything. But then I started looking around and started doubting.

With Norwegian high prices my budget would be in the area of the D7100 plus 18-300 and a GP-1a with a couple of memory cards and a spare battery. For the same price I would get a D600 with a simpler optic or maybe an used D700 or D3 of some kind I would guess. I could buy the camera in Florida as well, but then I would loose the Norwegian warranty (3-5 years included). Buying a D600 would probably be cheaper in the US, but actually for the D7100 there are only like $100 to save and loose the warranty.

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