Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: smooth gradients

This may have already been mentioned, but color/tone gradations could be a reason to use RAW. I use a Canon SX230 and the in-camera JPG will sometimes show posterization of smooth color gradients like sky or whatever. I haven't ever seen posterization when I work with RAW. Perhaps the JPG prepared by some cameras are better than those of the SX230 and wouldn't show posterization. I don't know. Also, I think RAW can be beneficial with high dynamic range subjects.

Here is a picture from the SX230. It shows posterization of the smooth gray background of the.. poster of hands making a heart. You can still see some. It was worse, but I used Gaussian blur to smooth things out.

Posterization is visible in the transition from light to medium gray at the top of the 'hands' poster.


No, I didn't use Gaussian blur on the whole image.  I saw the girls walking up.  By the time I turned the camera on, it woke up and extended the lens, and I had 'zoomed' it in a bit that was about it.  I didn't have the proper shutter set for this picture and I pulled a bit raising the camera.  I like the composition, though.

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