Invest further in NEX or different route?

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Invest further in NEX or different route?

Slight rant here, but  I'm actually just thinking "out loud."

I have owned a NEX 6 for a few months and I really like the camera on a lot of levels.  This was my step up from a bridge/superzoom and advanced compact.  I decided on the NEX rather than a DSLR due to convenience/weight and decided on NEX vs. 4/3 due to form factor (and also sensor size, but I really like the way the NEX feels compared to 4/3 cameras I looked at).

I have the 16-50 kit lens, 55-210 telephoto, Sigma 19mm and a Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm/1.7.  I was next planning to buy the SEL35F18 for a fast prime and I figured that would about cover the bases for me for some time.

Here's the issue.  I do a lot of my shooting on travel/vacations (rather than going out specifically for photographic purposes) and I am finding that I really prefer zooms for this because of their flexibility.  I don't mind changing lenses, but I just hate seeing a shot I want to take when traveling and being stuck because I don't have the right lens on the camera.

The 18-200 probably would make some sense for me, except it's a little expensive, no faster than the 55-210 and it defeats the purpose of having a small package.  I could probably forego the longer length and get by with the 16-50 in most instances, but I would really like a lens that is faster (I would be willing to deal with somewhat of a larger/heavier lens for this) and it drives me crazy that the power zoom resets to 16mm every time the camera is turned off or sleeps.  The latter issue could be resolved by buying the 18-55 kit lens, but that doesn't solve the faster lens issue.  It may be a little silly, but for this reason I have been a little hesitant to spend anymore money on the NEX and have even considered selling the NEX and buying a small DSLR or SLT as they feel good in the hand, really aren't that much heavier than a NEX and have a much larger lens selection.    I have even considered just going back to a compact system (like the Panny FZ200 with a fixed 2.8 lens) for travel purposes.

I know that Sony is supposed to come out with another zoom lens for the NEX this year and maybe that will solve the issue, but there are no details on this yet that I am aware of and who knows what they will be charging when the lens does come out.

OK, so I know there is no such that as a perfect camera, but I'm sort of at a loss.  I doubt seriously I am going to give up my NEX, but do you guys have some thoughts?  As I said, I'm just sort of thinking out loud -- and figured several heads are better than one :-).   Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

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