major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

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Re: major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

j9300 wrote:

I was told that panny GF6 will be better than oly epl5 in video although they have same fps.

what makes the better quality in panny video compared to oly?

I experienced epl5 lose the focus frequently when shooting video. this does not happen in panny GF6??

First, they are two different companies that only share the same lens mount. FPS is a small part of the equation.

Past all the technical stuff I would say what exists today is not what Olympus wants to do on the video side.

Panasonic is also a company that makes video cameras. The Canon 5D Mark ii or iii is another option for a HDSLR that also does video. Canon makes a wide range of video cameras as well.

Specifically about the GF-6 I have not looked at specs yet.

If you are interested in video Black Magic Design is introducing a new video camera same size as the Panasonic GX-1 with MFT's lens mount. It will be a $1,000 camera body.

They will also have another cinema camera with MFT's lens mount and that body will be $3,000

Their is a third Black Magic camera called a production camera and that uses different lenses and costs even more.

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