Snowden, the next: EU offices bugged by the NSA

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Re: I feel safer already

It is amazing how quickly all the pieces are coming together in this international story. The practical implications of the creation of a completely locked down world society minus truly free access to information from non government controlled media are hard to believe. Multi-billion dollar facilities of super computers receiving and storing all data on all individuals are under construction in the U.S. I have been keeping up with the stories as they have come out for several years and I hope this latest guardian story breaks the apathy of the public about this. If all the accessible data on individuals is combined with predictive algorithms, no one is free from government control. Power- political and economic- will be concentrated among those who controlled the machines. Edward Snowden and the teams of analysts at the NSA, CIA and GCHQ who monitor electronic intelligence will be unnecessary in 15 years. Algorithms will have replaced them, leaving only a few humans, like General Keith Allen of the NSA to watch the house. Underneath those top humans will be machine-learning algorithms. They won't be programmed simply to search for call patterns or numbers; they will learn what patterns and numbers are significant by ingesting news, conflicts and terrorist threats in real time, comparing that to activity seen on computer and phone networks. A CIA study of more than 1,700 predictions made by the algorithms found that Bueno de Mesquita's algorithms were right twice as its own analysts in making predictions about future intelligence events. And no worry about a computer developing ‘moral or constitutitional ’ concerns.


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