Adding a New Time Machine Drive

Started Jun 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
noirdesir Forum Pro • Posts: 13,463
Very simple, just copy it from one drive to another

InspectorHud wrote:

My Time Machine backup is getting near capacity. Is it possible to add another drive that will be an extension to the current or do I have to start over with a bigger drive?

I'm currently using an iMac with latest OS and WD 2TB Firewire 800 externals.

You can simply copy/move the whole TM backup folder from the old drive to the new drive. There are just a few details to remember: (1) the new drive has to be formatted as HSF+ journaled with a GUID partition table (the default when formatting new drives), (2) the 'Ignore ownership' box on the new drive has to be unchecked. And you naturally should switch TM off while moving the backup from one drive to another and point TM to the drive after you're done. Here are the official instructions by Apple.

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