How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Peka - Olympus agrees with you...

DrWu wrote:

I bought E-M5 14 months ago and in general I am so satisfied that I am probably not going to buy a new camera before 2015. I have no complaints about image quality (I shoot 100% raw) but of course there are things that I´like to see changed for the next model:

- 1/4000 sec is not enough

- back LCD has a wrong aspect ratio - why can´t it be normal 4/3???!!!

- back LCD isn´t fully tiltable

Those three things, they seem to have fixed with the E-Pen -5

- vertical grip cannot be used without landscape grip (I have no use for landscape part)

They can't seem to win, here.  It is nice that it's a two part grip, and works well, but for me largely defeats the purpose of making such a small camera.  Have it, seldom use it.

- some buttons are difficult/impossible to operate with gloves on

Yep!  An absolute PITA for winter shooting.  Especially where I live.


That - and the CAF problems (more like near-non-existent-CAF) are the publicly-stated admissions and reasons by Olympus heads like Watanabe that they insist that the OM-D is *not* a "professional camera", and that they will be coming out with a "professinal camera".

When is unsure, but Sept or so seems the common guess.  That is good, because it starts to get cold here just after that month.

Until then, I'll ge getting a lot of use out of the OM-D.  There are no perfect cameras, but as DPreview just pointed out again in its front-page survey of under $1000 options, the OM-D is a camera that really hits the sweet spot!

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