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I agree - I see a trend. I've always attracted an older market I think - when I was cheaper I got more of the young couples/professionals.

Is it my age (51)? Is it the younger brides lean toward women photogs more? A bit of both perhaps. Overall trends, economy, more competition (as in everyone gets a WOM referral to someone before they actually go shopping for a photog and they just hire them).

I'm expanding into the DJ market - the most booked wedding DJs here are 50+ - partly to make up for lost income but also because, per hour, it pays more than photography.

I'm sure I could change my marketing to change the booking rates, but why work 15-20 hours for $1500 if I can work 7 to 8 for $1000-1200? Why carry $10k in gear when $1k in gear will work for a DJ? (based on my cost) Why work in hot churches, hot parks, or freezing ones in the winter, worry about the weather, etc when I can work inside? And I bet I can train/hire 2 people to do the DJ gigs for $150 each and put $700-900 in my pocket and only have to do the booking/consulting bit. So a lot less stress.

While I love photography my preference for HS seniors over weddings, and eating over not eating. I"ve had other careers/jobs in the past so to 'change' to DJ I feel is still better than getting a 'day job'.

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