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Re: Wife and her horse

Digirame wrote:

That's interesting. When I first bought my Canon T2i (550D) camera, that was the first time I had purchased a Canon DSLR camera. I haven't had any problems cleaning the sensors because of maybe two reasons. First they have a sensor cleaning system (I don't know if it's as good as the Olympus system) and secondly I don't change lenses on both of my Canon DSLR cameras. I'm glad you like the Canon T1i (500D) camera.

At the time I bought into the Olympus system, it was the only system with self cleaning sensors.

I was shooting with a pair of Canon 10d.. and a 300d as backup.

Equine Event shooting required me to be IN THE RING with the horses and the judge(s) for hours at  a time, with only what I could carry in my hands and in my vest.  If I needed to change lenses, I had to do it in the ring (very dusty environment).

A lens change almost always required a sensor cleaning during a break (perhaps instead of lunch or toilet)..

E1 and E-300 (later 500/510/520/620) made the problem go away for the most part.

I was "hanging on" with hope that Oly would follow-up on the great, but flawed, E-620.  It doesnt seem that its going to happen, and whatever they do come up with is bound to be mirrorless and very "pricey", so I watched and waited, and this T1i came my way at a very low price... and I already had lenses for it.

In the meantime, age caught up with me, and I was forced to retire from the "event shooting" so I didn't need to worry about whether or not the cleaning in the newer Canon cameras was as good as Im used to having. (I dont mind cleaning a camera every month or so, but almost every day that I worked was just too much!).

I still have all my Olympus cameras except the E-500, which I gave to someone in need.  Also have several m43 from Oly and Panasonic. (fun to shoot with, but I still feel the need for an OVF for some of my shooting.

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