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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

David Banner wrote:

I'm debating about buying a more capable yet smaller and lighter system. If I sell my Nikon 18-200 I can pay for part of the new system.

I'd like to get a camera such as the GX1 and a 50mm equivalent prime such as the 20mm f1.7 and a super zoom like the 14-140. I think these two lenses would cover my travel needs and allow me to travel light.

I'm not familiar with 4/3 models but here is what I see:

Panasonic GX1 - I definitely want a very small camera, I don't need a viewfinder

Panasonic 20 1.7 - This is $400. Why so expensive? Any better alternatives?

Panasonic 14-140 - Walkaround zoom is $680.

All together this adds up to be about $1200. I'm comparing this with something similar from the Nikon 1 system which is a lot cheaper. for the same price I can have a 10-30 kit lens and the FT1 adapter which would allow me to use my Nikon cameras. I don't know if this is possible with 4/3. So I'm leaning a bit towards the Nikon 1 but I'm still researching it and I'd love to get some feedback from the 4/3 crowd.

I was a Nikon SLR guy and got into M4/3 as a way to use my AI-S manual lenses on a GH2, in addition to native lenses (7-14mm, 20mm & 14-140mm). Recently, I bought a GX1 to augment the GH2 and have a camera my girlfriend will use. It's well worth buying the LVF2 electronic viewfinder. You can get them both from B&H for about $360 (GX1 - $199, LVF2 - $160), so the GX1 is a nice small, inexpensive way to get into the M4/3 system.

As for lenses, the 20mm is the perfect size for the GX1, great in low light, very sharp, lots of fun. The 14-140mm (original version) I use as a travel and vacation lens, when I can't be bothered (and bothering companions) carrying and swapping primes. It's really a much better lens than it gets credit for. Yes, it can be a bit soft on the long end (beyond 125mm ±), but nothing that can't be tweaked in Lightroom.

As far as adapting manual lenses, if you're using manual lenses, there's no need to spend $250+ for Novoflex adaptors. Rainbow Imaging ($20±) and Fotodiox adaptors ($40±) work perfectly well. You can get adaptors that allow you to adjust aperture for lenses that lack an aperture ring, others will be able to tell you about them. So, with the correct adaptor, you can use your current Nikon lenses on the GX1. I consider using a viewfinder pretty much mandatory for manual focus.

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