One thing I miss about my DSLR

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Re: One thing I miss about my DSLR

Digital Nigel wrote:

I wonder if the panning would have been more successful with a camera with a viewfinder (optical or electronic)? Certainly, with my NEX-7, if going for a panning shot like that, I'd use the EVF rather than the rear screen.

This is an important wrinkle. The OP mentions nothing in his post about panning technique, much less about panning itself, but I digress.

Without a viewfinder one is moving from 3 points of contact with the camera (parts of the face and both hands) to two points of contact (hands only).  Additionally, with no viewfinder, your arms will be extended. Extended arms and 2 points of contact is going to result in a loss of stability; not at all what you're after for panning.

A better question and thread would be how to better pan without a viewfinder.

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