Nikon D3200 lens / kit question

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Re: Nikon D3200 lens / kit question

I don't have much experience with those Tamron lenses so I'm limited in my ability to comment on them but I can say that whenever you're looking at the super zooms that cover the largest focal range, inevitably there are some compromises in IQ. Now don't get me wrong, some people love the 18-200 type lenses and virtually never take them off their body. I think a huge part of it is convenience, some folks don't want to be bothered with carrying 2-3 lenses and switching them.

IQ wise, there probably isn't a huge difference between the 3 options. I have option 1 and I believe it's a great setup to learn on.

I think, more importantly than picking one of these 3 options (either will work just fine), you need to buy a 35mm f1.8 prime lens:  It's cheap, the IQ is a big improvement, and the lens is fast, and you'll learn to "zoom with your feet" - so to speak.

A prime lens like this one (or the 50mm f1.8g) will give you the ability to do some things that you've likely never done before: 1) shoot indoors with relatively low light without a flash (you'll probably have a "wow" moment because the pictures will look drastically different than what you're use to seeing with a flash (usually harsh) lighting someone up) and 2) shallow depth of field- the f1.8 can really make the background blurry if you want it to. The 35mm isn't a true portrait type lens but you can still get that effect- and it can create "wow" type images.

My recommendation would be to go 18-55, 55-200 and 35mm f1.8g. You'll have a LOT of room to grow with that 3 lens setup.

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