Nikon vs Canon; a few question

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s majesk Contributing Member • Posts: 587
I think the last one is true?

at least in North America.  All the rest are just diatribe.

It's true, that back in the late sixties, through the seventies, all the major brands of 'Japanese', SLR cameras, were considered about equal depending on the availability of certain lenses.  There was Pentax, Minolta, Canon, Konica, Olympus, Fujica, and Yashica to name most, but it was Nikon who was heralded as the cream of the crop by most everyone, so much so, that at entry level, you had the Nikkormat, not quite a 'Nikon' though integrated later on.   Nikon definitely had a premium price, "the professionals choice" with a line of 'professional' lenses and accessories that did prove this out. This would be challenged by Canon and Olympus and to a lesser degree, Minolta.

Therefore I think, the bias towards Nikon in the older crowd (50+), especially now that prices have pretty much leveled out across the board.

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