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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

My holiday kit used to be a GF1 (pretty much the predecessor to the GX1) with the 20/1.7 and 14-140. It was pretty good and fitted nicely in a small/light Lowepro Rezo 110AW bag. I could carry it all day and it covered super-zoom and low-light territory. I eventually moved away from it due to the limitations of the GF1's sensor (noise/dynamic range) which I found a bit limiting. These days I usually take my GH3 with the two f2.8 zooms in a light bag (out of your price range though) or my RX100 which is a great little camera (and doesn't the mk II look just amazing with its super-star sensor). Note I always carried the external EVF for the GF1 as it allowed more stable positions (camera to eye) and was very handy in bright sunlight.

I feel the advantages of the 1-series are really fast focusing, really fast burst modes, generally very sharp lenses (excluding the 10-100 ones). The disadvantages are it's bigger than the sensor size would suggest it could be, a lack of lens range, the lenses not being that fast and the smaller sensor (although if Sony do a backlit sensor for them it could be pretty amazing, but that's not happening for a while). If I was going to Nikon I'd get the 30-110 as well rather than adapting lenses, as then the size gets out of hand.

I would also say the Olympus EPL5/EPM2 do have a noticeably better sensor than the Panasonic GX1 so could also be worth a look. (The EPM2 is smaller but you can go too small so the EPL5 might be a better place to look.) I'd choose one of those over the GX1 I think (with the VF4 viewfinder, which looks great from the spec and initial reports).

On lenses the 20mm/1.7 lens is a star. The 14-140 is okay for sharpness but like most big zoom range lenses not really great and you're getting flexibility over optical quality. (I'm not planning to sell mine yet though.)

Other suggestions:

Sony RX100 mk II (king of the compact cameras, by a mile)
Fuji X-E1 with the two zooms (18-55 and 55-200)

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