One thing I miss about my DSLR

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I missed the "Care-Free Reckless Abandon" shooting style with 95% accuracy

I have been shooting with Canon DSLR for 8 years before I switch to M43 then to NEX last year. What I missed he most was my "Care-Free Reckless Abandon" shooting style with a canon DSLR. When I setup my canon in AI Tracking Servo with all 9 AF points in continuous shooting, I get nearly 90 ~ 95% accuracy. It is as simple as point n' shoot, I simply point at my subject, then spray like a machine gun in short burst. But this shooting style doesn't work well with NEX. I have to be much more careful, more methodical, more double-checking reviews to ensure a decent keeper rate.

I find NEX 7fps burst mode to be a double-edge sword:

  • NEX focus & exposure are locked at the 1st frame of a burst under burst mode
  • [+] if the 1st frame is in focus, I can shoot in rapid succession that few canon dslr can match
  • [-] but if subject move out of focus in the 1st frame, then I'm screw with rapid succession of out-of-focus images.

In time, Sony will perfect its NEX hybraid/PDAF to the level of its Sony SLT, but today, shooting action is still much easier done with a DSLR or SLT.

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