Found an almost new D300 for a bargain price.

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Re: Found an almost new D300 for a bargain price.

marcus300 wrote:

I could resist a D300 for a bargain price.

I have been a D300 owner for 4years and absolutely love the camera and earlier this year got a NEW D7000 for video use. Like a lot of people here I was frustrated with the AF on the D7000, tracking motion was/is a challenge where as my D300 just makes the shot. My D7000 get used for video and shooting gigs in low light. D300 remains my go-to camera for almost everything else.

A local shop had a used D300 for sale for a few weeks so I decided to go take a close look. Owning one myself for many years, I was merely curious on behalf of a friend who had been looking for one. I took a CF card with me for a closer look to see how many shots it had taken. The camera was in fantastic condition so the test shot was taken, I dashed home to check out what it had shot. To my amazement it had done only 447 clicks. I called by again and made an offer for it as it had been there for a few weeks. I am extremely happy to have picked up an almost NEW camera for 1/4 of the price my other cost me. It even came with two batteries...

I was such a good deal that I could not let pass me by...

I'm not not really concerned if a D400 never happens. I have my D300's to keep me happy.

I got a used D300, under 8000 clicks a few months ago for 619, a third of the original retail price.

The only negative it has is the hazy back LCD, which I can live with (or change if I wish) but the everything else is perfect.

It has the same sensor as my previous D5000 which I gave to my wife, a very good sensor indeed, for pulling back highlights or pushing shadows, once exposure is fair i.e. good dynamic range.

The ergonomics are large viewfinder (to me) work really well and the camera is uber responsive, which I want/ need for how I shoot.

I have no regrets on the purchase and it is a bargain in my opinion.

I am slowly coming to the realization that (contrary to previous thoughts that eventually I may go FF), this type of format is all I need and I will have no need for full frame, this size format is wonderful, now I have a camera with the bells and whistles I like i.e. large viewfinder, responsive, metering with manual lenses etc etc.

The D300 is a wonderful camera indeed. And the D300/ D5000 series sensor is a VERY good one.

The other 'bargain thing' is that someone else has taken the depreciation on the original retail price, (like a used car or a car just out of showroom, instant value loss)  you can use it till it works no more with no thoughts of having to sell later on, considering the residual value that you purchased it for.

Aside from being a wonderful camera, excellent value for money.

Enjoy your new camera.

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Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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