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Re: bingo! I said the same thing in another post...

teaberry wrote:

And some hex owners told me to increase the shutter speed. They missed the point of trying to capture the sense of motion and THAT is related to AF speed. I had same issues with shooting motorsports. I don't want the cars to look like they are standing still.

If you have to go to 1/40 on a moving bike and have motion blur on the bike as well, is it the camera's fault?  It may be that, say, 1/60 resulted in a much better image with only slightly less background blur.  I agree, going to, say, 1/300 misses the point of having some motion blur in the background.

I am ordering a laea2 adapter and some Sigma lenses with OS to get faster AF, more lens option while maintaining OS when I need it. Maybe that can be a solution for you.

*Tp ppl who asked the bike rider to go over the same marked spot, what if I am trying to get a candid shot of a stranger?

I think the camera focused fine.  If you look at the posted photo and zoom in, you can see the name of the bike, "Diamondback" perfectly fine, but with a ghost image that could only be caused by motion blur (such as camera movement or possibly OSS) and not by misfocusing.  I think the focus was close enough, but even if you think the focus is off, there's still motion blur on the bike and rider.

So, going to a marked spot probably would not have helped in this situation; given that, making a candid shot of a stranger shouldn't be a problem either.  But even if you want to prefocus on a particular spot, you may find that in many situations, you can predict movement and anticipate.  If the camera focuses OK, that's easier for me, though.

Anyway, after looking at that double-image on the bike, I'm thinking that OSS might also be interfering with the panning, so it might be worth turning that off.  But that's a pretty long motion blur of the background, and plenty of opportunity to bobble the capture.  As I mentioned before, I'd try to get a longer start and finish and see if a smoother pan helps, with or without OSS.

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