Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

Started Jun 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
Muizen -Belgium Regular Member • Posts: 435
Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

When the RX1 was launched last year somebody concluded that its AF was poor. As usual the "whole world" suddenly had great great problems with the auto focus of the RX1.

After having used the RX1 for over 6 months I can only come to the conclusion that it has one of the most accurate AF I ever shot with. 
Undoubtedly there are other cameras that auto focus even better, but the RX1 is more than good enough for me!

I had a Leica M9 before and I am amazed how fast and precise the AF of the RX1 is. What a pleasure. Hardly ever I feel the need for manual focus which is easy too on the RX1.

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