major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

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Re: I find Panasonic suffer from less JELLO effect.

007peter wrote:

My past experience with Olympus M43 in shooting video is that it is prone to Jello Effect, much more pronounce than either Panasonic or Sony NEX. I haven't try the latest E-P5 or E-M5 for video, but the E-M1 that I tried last time give me a bad impression.

The effect doesn't occur or is extremely minimized with EM5. I'm not sure if it's the IBIS or the software, but it's been minimized. I'm sure the EP5 should be the same, especially if IBIS was the cause.

See here for a video:

That said, I'm no expert on video, but the problem as I hear it is bitrate, framerate, and a slew of manual controls and settings that are missing. I don't know much on the bitrate and framerate yet (I plan to learn, and the G6 I'll probably buy to do that, unless OLY surprises me with an awesome PDAF/C-AF camera first), however, I noticed one thing I really liked with what I saw on GH3 reviews: changing focus by touching the touchscreen. This doesn't occur on the EM5, you can have it on continuous, single, or manual. While manual is very effective, it does take some practice, and sometimes you just want to select where you want to focus.

I've heard there's plenty of other little things you can set stronger in the Panasonic cameras, and one final thing: There's no time limit on Pany cameras, at least not ones like the GH series and G6. The GX1 lacked this as well. However, the EM5 has a 30 min limit for most files except its highest quality file, which has a 22 minute limit. This is likely due to the file size limit of 4Gb on FAT32 cards, which the Pany cameras adjust to by making multiple files which work seamlessly with each other. Olympus just doesn't seem to try on this front. Maybe they lack experience... I don't see much for camcorders on Oly's site, while I know Pany has experience with video, both from camcorders and more professional level cameras.

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