Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

It appears to me that you don't really understand what RAW is all about. The point is not that a RAW image is supposed to look better than JPEG. The point is that once you take  JPEG you are just limited to that.

The point of RAW is that it gives you more possibilities to work on the image after the image is created in the camera. JPEG doesn't offer that. If you screw the exposure or white balance while shooting JPEG then you can throw that picture away. You won't fix it. If you miss the perfect exposure while shooting RAW then no problem. You can fix that inside a photo editor without problems.

take for example the pictures you showed here. lets say you thought the background was too dark and you wanted to lift up the shadows a bit to show some detail. try to do that with a JPEG. a mess. you won't get any detail, simple because there is no detail left. try to do that with RAW. no problem. why? because in a JPEG file all the information is lost. you can't recover anything. you just have what you have. while in a RAW file all the information is there. you can still recover it.

if I shoot JPEG then I can get a lot of highlight clipping or lost detail in dark areas of the image. when I shoot RAW that problem is almost non-existent. you just underexpose and then lift up the shadows. in JPEG I couldn't do that.

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