Nudity in Photo Challenges? Pro or Con?

Started Jun 30, 2013 | Photos thread
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Re: Nudity in Photo Challenges? Pro or Con?

1.  My first impression of the photo was that it was a composite . . . the child was added to the actual image.

2  The nudity does not bother me at all, and I think it does add to the image (why else would the child be covering its eyes?).  It's probably a good idea to have a statement of "slight non-sexual nudity"  or "NSFW" or something like that in the post at the other site, or something to alert people that there is a nude body in the image.

3.  The amount of nudity seems benign, and about as minor as is possible.

I know that here at DP, in challenges, there is no way for us hosts to add to our text in a challenge, once the submission stage has started.  So, no clear & easy way to give viewers a heads-up.  I've received one or two submissions with nudity, and each time, I noted that in the comment section of the particular challenge . . . that was the most I could do, even though I suspect that few people look at those comments before clicking on images that catch their eyes.

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