Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

Lights wrote:

Yes I believe the quality and accuracy of the auto-focus is very important, moreso than the resolution of the camera/lens...because without a clear and accurate focus it makes the resolution of the camera/lens irrelevant. M43 has very accurate autofocus. Not as quickly on moving/toward away as DSLRs but very accurate on stationary or sideways moving objects, from all I've read (and my own experiences) How to test this empirically I'm not sure.

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I am glad to hear that you understand the meaning of my posting.

When you have a certain combo of lens/camera then after metering you get a number in AF.

With an other combo you getting an other number in AF etc. etc. etc.

So all depends of what kind of combo you use or wanted.

So, when you wanted a certain combo e.g. a Gh3 with a 35-100/2.8 you getting e.g. 2200 lines.

According the Youtube you getting with a Canon 650D with a Canon 24-70/4.0 in AF 1500 lines and with a Canon 650D with a Canon24-70/2.8 an average of about 2350 lines.

On a Canon EOS 7D you get with a 24-70/4.0 only zick/zack result about 1350 lines.

With a Canon EOS 5D and the 24-70/4.0 less than 2000 lines.

With a Canon EOS 5D and a 24-7-/2.8 about 2800 lines

The speed of the Gh3 is 2,5 times faster than the best Canon and with the EOD 7 D 6 times!

So assume that i buy a Canon 6D FullFrame with the Canon 24/70-4.0 lens than i (we) get less quality than the GH3 with the 12-3-/2.8 and the 35-100/2.8 lenses in AUTOFOCUS RESOLUTION and AUTOFUCUS release TIME.

In which test can i find this? The only focus they have is the best quality you can reach with the best prime lens for a lot of money but that is not good practice when the daily time is different.

So when i wanted to choose between camera's and i am using the AUTOFOCUS most of my shooting time (97%) and i have a high quality zoom lenses e.g. the 12-35/2.8 and the 35-100/2.8.

I think that AF resolution and AF time is much more important than a value with a a prime in manuel focus (i do not say that that is not important, it is!)

For all the above reasons and more I think that reviewers and testers must give us that information.

Traumflieger and DxO are on the good route but in there end conclusion it is more or less neglected.

So only when you understand this a little bit or more than you get THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO MAKE A GOOD DECISION!

And that is what i like to see change! I am as ort ofROBIN HOOD:-)!


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