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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

Many will trash the 1 system but it's actually very good.

I've shot with both. For IQ, go with the newer generation sensor in M43. Another advantage of M43 is lens options (far and away better than the 1 system).

For IQ similar to the older generation M43, for fast and accurate AF, or for silent shutter, the 1 system is great. It's also more economic. The 18.5 1.8 (50mm equivalent) is an excellent and sharp lens. It's less than 200$, and a refurb 30-110 can be had for 125$.

One last thing to add, metering is great on the 1 system. My biggest issue with the system is that in areas of dynamic range and low light, there are better options.

For you, I think it's really about how you intend to use your other DSLR to supplement the IQ factor. If you're willing to use it when needed, the 1 system will work out very well. If you end up leaving it at home more often than not, and you need IQ, M43 is the better option.

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