Nikon vs Canon; a few question

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Re: Nikon vs Canon; a few question

I think you've experienced somewhat typical brand bias when reading forums. Comments are below.

ZedEm wrote:

This isn't quite another "Which one is better?" thread but more of a question period where I ask questions and where others answer based on their expertise and experience.

I am not a troll nor do I actually believe there is a difference between either that can make or break a photographer but I am intrigued as to why some people find differences between products that without creative input from a human being do nothing more than act as heavy and expensive paperweights.

I have been a Canon user since day one and in talking to people and reading forums, I have come across certain assertions others make about each brand. I am often left wondering how much truth there is to each statement so I am going to write down statements I have encountered in the last few years and I hope others can chime in to where such "facts" originated from and if there is any truth to them. Here it goes and don't ask me to source where I've heard or read each statement but I assure you, they are out there.

1) "Canon professional lenses are better"

Nope, both companies manufacture very good pro lenses from what I've seen. I base this on comparisons of the photos and comments from colleagues.

2 "Nikon consumer lenses are better"

Same as above. Both have some really good lenses and some weak ones. There are also 3rd party companies that have some really good lenses.

3) "Nikons are more often employed in the studio setting due to superior flash systems"

I don't do studio work, but most of the lighting in studios that I've seen is manufactured by companies that focus on studio lighting, not Canon or Nikon.

4) "Most sport/wildlife photographers use Canons becuase XYZ"

I do a lot of bird photography, what I see in the field is a mix of both. In my view, both are about equal in terms of bodies and lenses at any given point in time.

5 "Most landscape photographers use Nikons"

6) "Canons create 'disney' colors when shooting JPEG"

Both Canon & Nikon have user-selectable styles for in-camera JPG processing, the photog can set saturation, contrast, sharpening, etc. to suit their needs.

7) "Nikon JPEGs have a green tint to them"

As in point 6.

8) "The older you are, the more likley it is you shoot with a Nikon"

I haven't seen many old farts shift from Canon to Nikon, or vice versa for that matter. It really comes down to which system will best meet your needs. I've shot both and either is quite good. FWIW, I'm 65 and shoot with Canon.

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