Nikon vs Canon; a few question

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Re: Nikon vs Canon; a few question

ZedEm wrote:

1) "Canon professional lenses are better"

Nope.  Both systems have some excellent lenses.

2 "Nikon consumer lenses are better"

Nope.  Both are about equal.  Both have some duds and some very good.

3) "Nikons are more often employed in the studio setting due to superior flash systems"

Nope.  Maybe if all you use are speedlights, as the Nikon system is 'said' to be better.  But completely irrelevant if you use studio strobes, which is what you would be using in a professional studio.

4) "Most sport/wildlife photographers use Canons becuase XYZ"

Huh?  What is 'XYZ'?  Absolutely no idea what you are talking about here.

5 "Most landscape photographers use Nikons"

First I have heard of that.

6) "Canons create 'disney' colors when shooting JPEG"

Really?  Never heard that, but I have heard that Canon jpgs look plasticy.

7) "Nikon JPEGs have a green tint to them"

Mine don't, but then I don't shoot jpg.

8) "The older you are, the more likley it is you shoot with a Nikon"

Really?  I started using Nikon in my late teens.  I am now over 60.  Still using Nikon, by the way.

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