Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

Started Jun 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Update 30th June 2013

As of today, no formal reply has been received from Nikon Hong Kong after the 2nd consecutive email to Mr Kimura Makoto.

As such, I hav decided to engage in massive web based exposure of my issue. I longer care about the resale value of my copy. I will not stop until Nikon Japan admits, recalls & fixes all affected sets. For those who feel that I received a lemon copy, I have enough reasons to believe that they probably own a Florida's Natural Lemon farm somewhere. Im sure some good D4s exist but I might be too unlucky to try one without the issue. Some people set their sharpnening value very high or do not use certain lenses to be sufficiently irritated. I shoot alot with the 35 1.4 & 14-24 and I can no longer tolerate focusing or composing just because of this ridiculous flaw.

Nikon Japan's attitude is likened to that of Canon's before the 1D3 saga. Most Nikon Technicians do not seem to even believe or accept that this is a real problem. For one, Japan & Singapore denies all issues and sees them as customer requirements and that the "affected" units are thereforw "enhanced" to suit the particular customer. This a whole lot of bull to me.

I am considering to start a website of testimonies & information about D4, D800 problems and other commonly occuring flaws of Nikon Products.

If you are interested to support me, do contact me via pm.

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