Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

I would do any amount of work on a file to make it look better. The question is, will all of that work on RAW really result in something visibly better.

And no, the RAW file was not created without the WB and exposure settings you put into the camera. It doesn't contain the Scene settings, if any, or the lens corrections, or sharpening and noise reduction, but it is not a TOTALLY unprocessed "negative" like in the good old film days.

Totally understand the reluctance or reasons not to step into raw after getting decent results in jpg... but.. Simply RAW has better range kept in the file, to add to this adjustments are required for every image once you go to raw (exclusively at least).

I can apply general default settings for my RAW images because they are all A77, it varies with lens corrections depending on the lens, but this too is done in Lightroom automatically. Depending on the ISO I shot with I vary the noise reduction amount as required.. But yeah, all getting to be a manual process that in JPG the camera just does..

Next is highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity.. These I always adjust to the image depending on need.. and in some cases more extreme adjustments are needed.

A wedding would be a great example, white dresses next to black suits... If the shot is right (well exposed) then the dress is all white and the suits are all black. With RAW you can pull these back and begin to get some shading in them, from a JPG there is little movement to work with.

A real example is when I got my friends europe trip photos in jpg, I did a lot in lightroom with them and he was amazed at what I sent back but I was limited on each of these sliders as to how much I could go... In one I wanted to bring down highlights because of a bright roof area and I wanted to reduce shadows from under a bridge, I got a bit out of it from the JPG but I could have got a lot more out of a RAW.

You dont have to do this, if your happy with what the camera took for the photography or situations you work in thats great, stick with JPG, it's easier and quicker.. For me I go RAW and I have so much more to work with and get from an image.

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