Adding a New Time Machine Drive

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Re: Adding a New Time Machine Drive

InspectorHud wrote:

TheDanS wrote:

InspectorHud wrote:

My Time Machine backup is getting near capacity. Is it possible to add another drive that will be an extension to the current or do I have to start over with a bigger drive?

I'm currently using an iMac with latest OS and WD 2TB Firewire 800 externals.

It's a 2TB drive. I would just let it get full until TM prompts you to delete some of the oldest backups. It should do it automatically.

Perhaps you're right, since I do use the vault backup in Aperture, but is there a way to extend the drive to another? That would be my preference.

Extend the drive to another? Unplug the 2T you have and plug in another. I use my backup to protect me from hard drive failure. Using using drive after drive  to track every thing that happens  continuously serves me no purpose.  I in fact deleted all the saved backups from 2012 the other evening.

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