Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Gary - Bit OT but --- Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

dlkeller wrote:

You could simulate HDR by processing the RAW as bracketed exposures then combining them as HDR.  Probably would have a bit more control than the in camera HDR but quality of results, as with all other RAW processing would depend on skill, eye, and monitor of the individual doing the processing.

I shoot RAW+JPEG to give me the freedom of recovering shots I want but missed the exposure, WB, ETC. on.  I use the JPEGs for a quick review and discard of "throwaways"  in My Pictures on Windows, move the RAW files of shots that are worth or need extra effort to a LR folder, and delete the rest.  I often export my processed RAW files as JPEGs to replace original JPEGs that didn't look as good.

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Thanks - most informative. I must try some HDR soon - it is something that I just don't think about during a shoot. I try to figure out THE exposure setting to "expose to the right" and get the main subject just right without considering the pssibility of HDR to bring everything a little closer together. In my band stuff above, it never ocurred to me to expose for the background in a separate shot and try and HDR it in post. Had a similar problem shooting the moon. The moon requires reduced exposure to see the features on the surface, but the foreground scene usually needs more exposure. I did have the camera locked down on a tripod, and I did expose a few times for each part, but I haven't looked to see if I could HDR them. I was going to try and expose my scene subject for the sunrise a little later, but didn't stick around long enough.

A lot of food for thought. Thanks again.

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